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Simon Tyler - Professional History

Simon started working in the world of financial services on 19th May 1980 and arranged his first mortgage for a client in August that year having started out advising clients about savings and life assurance. Once he had arranged one mortgage he knew where his future lay (this was during the first 18 months of the Thatcher era and increased home ownership was Government policy from then onwards) – everyone was likely to want to carry on living indoors for the rest of his career and mortgages were unlikely to go out of fashion. Until the Autumn of 2008 this theory held up well.

In January 1982 Simon was one of the founder members of the team at Chase De Vere and ran the Mortgage Department. Over the next 27 years Chase De Vere went through several changes of shareholders and slight name changes but consistent throughout was Simon's running the mortgage based business – in 1985 he became a Director and in 1996 he became Managing Director of Chase De Vere Mortgage Management running every aspect of the business from then until its demise in March 2009.

Over all the years Simon has remained a very active Mortgage Advisor as well as maintaining his other corporate responsibilities. Simon has a wealth of clients built up over the last 4 decades that extends through 3 generations of some families and his clients come from all walks of life from Postmen to Peers, and include Members of both Houses of Parliament, Editors of National Papers, CEO's and Chairmen of Major UK companies, Professional Athletes, Musicians, Presenters and numerous Solicitors, Accountants and Doctors.

Having looked after so many clients for so long he is now regularly looking after the children of his older contacts, building up a whole new generation of clients who are just starting their working lives thus renewing and enhancing his client base.

To most of his mortgage clients he has become a long term friend and confidant as he is at the centre of most of the financial decisions (and consequently) life decisions that his clients make.

Simon's contribution to the media concerning the Mortgage Market commenced March 1982, covering all National Newspapers, countless magazines, all BBC national radio networks, Commercial and BBC local radio, all 5 terrestial TV channels and many other news and specialist TV channels as well as a huge wealth of internet mentions and quotes. He is a reassuring voice for both journalists, clients and consumers to listen to as Simon has had experience of rapidly rising and falling property markets (more than once) and has arranged mortgages when 17% was a good rate all the way down to 2009's record low rates.

Over the years Simon personally recruited and trained a fantastically loyal group of advisers whom he continued to manage, the team at Chase De Vere were recognised throughout the mortgage market as an exceptional group of advisers with an unmatchable level of loyalty and longevity as a team. The advisers at TMM have worked with him on average for 24 years and so you can be assured of the same level of service and experience from all members of the team.



Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

To discuss your current or future mortgage requirements please call 020 7930 7242.

A typical fee for arranging your mortgage is 1.5% of the loan amount.

Tyler Mortgage Management

Tyler Mortgage Management

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